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Application of FRP

Area of Application Marketing Scope Advantages
FRP Lining The anticorrosive chemical ling with FRP glass lining to protect the surface Long lasting mail order bride take my online class anti corrosive process for the composite materials



The manufacturer of Railways coaches and the doors/ window for AC coach. Battery boxes and Cable junctions are being made of Fibre glass

Corrosion and light weight for the

Coaches to get the Fire retardant.



The manufacturer of Bus body and grill for the fibre glass

For the high compact and strength

For the body and light weight



Industrial pipe line, tank and the duck for the industrial purpose

Chemical resistance an light weight

Corrosion proof and economical

Long life duration.



AIR SPACE Body of aircraft Light weight and high strength



Boat manufacturer mail order bride take my online class in India and sporty boat/ fisher/Luxury  boat

Corrosion and light weight easy to

mould the product as per the




Manufacturer the doors and water tank for the building for the water proof

Water proofing doors and light

weight long durability