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By mike

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Inception Free Online with Leonardo DiCaprio Torrent DVD5 Comments Off

Inception Free Online with Leonardo DiCaprio Torrent DVD5

Writer Christopher Nolan
duration 2 hour 28min
cast Leonardo DiCaprio
year 2010
user ratings 9,4 of 10 Star

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I’ll jump right out and say that all the negative reviews are just people trying to separate themselves from everyone else. While I will give them that the movie was fast-paced the whole time (No down time) I do not agree that the characters and situations were unbelievable.
First off, the movie obviously takes place in the future, and the machine that allows people to enter dreams would then be perfectly believable. It was a very confusing movie, but the more you think about it, the more you get it. The concept was very original, and the fact that it was scattered was done for artistic effect: Like a dream, the movie started in the center of the action.
Second, the movie was beautifully written, with a strong grasp on vocabulary. The acting was solid, during Mal’s death scene, DiCaprio’s reaction was perfect, and exactly what I’d expect from someone in that situation. DiCaprio is a great actor, and in my mind, he played his best part in this movie.
Lastly, the movie was a completely original concept. A lot of negative reviewers play off that the rules don’t make sense, but this movie was Nolan’s creation, he makes the rules. I connected with every character, and to this has become my favorite movie to date, being one of the only ones I’ve seen more than once in the theatre.
Inception is a truly awesome movie, and very much worth seeing. 10 out of 10.

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